Your leading service partner for the automotive evolution.

GLS is an award-winning Tier 1 automotive supplier providing unique solutions for an amazing list of clients transforming the auto industry. With over 11 years of customer satisfaction, our company has established itself as a leading provider in vehicle management with a current portfolio of over 90,000 vehicles. Our expertise extends beyond just vehicle management as we provide support for over 1,100 shows and events. With 18 locations spanning across North America, we are equipped to serve 8 major automotive brands and counting. Let us help you elevate your brand to the next level.

Our diverse capabilities set us apart from the competition and allow us to provide a comprehensive solution for all your needs. From advertising and marketing support to custom IT solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our garage services, event coordination, car prep services, and company vehicle operations ensure seamless operations. We also offer specialty paint services and historical fleet management for those looking for something unique. Our engineering support rounds out our offerings, providing you with the confidence that your projects are in good hands. Discover the many ways we can support you and your brand.

  • 11+ Years of customer satisfaction
  • More than 90,000 vehicles under annual management
  • Support for over 1,100 shows and events
  • Advertising and marketing support
  • Garage services
  • Event coordination
  • Company vehicle operations
  • Specialty paint services
  • Historical fleet management
  • Engineering support
  • Custom IT Solutions
  • Car prep services
  • 18 locations spanning across North America
  • Supporting 8 major automotive brands and growing
  • Check out our current opportunities and come join us as we help drive the automotive evolution.
Work is Different Here

Choosing to work with GLS North America isn't just about hiring a company; it's about partnering with an industry-leading Tier 1 automotive supplier that has been redefining excellence for over a decade. We're not your typical service provider. We're innovators and pioneers, as dynamic and forward-thinking as the auto industry itself. Our work environment thrives on diversity and innovation, continually evolving to face new challenges and seize fresh opportunities. We don't just fulfill a contract, we aim to exceed expectations, fostering growth and innovation. Together, we can spearhead the next transformation in the auto industry.

Come Be Everywhere With Us

When you partner with GLS North America, you're tapping into a wealth of diverse resources that extends across advertising, IT solutions, event coordination, garage services, specialty paint services, and historical fleet management. Whether your needs are creative or technical, we offer a variety of solutions tailored to your unique requirements. We are honored to serve the automotive industry and actively engage in its exciting evolution wherever it may take us. With our innovative approach and expansive services, you're not just hiring a company - you're going everywhere with us.